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Mori Seiki SL-O

    Mori Seiki SL-0 upgraded with Centroid CNC   $ 18,900.00

This is a nice used Mori Seiki SL-0 that has been taken care of by its original owner.  The cnc control was updated with the Centroid T-400 in 2008.

The Mori Seiki SL-0 offers high productivity of high precision parts.It can be used as either stand alone or in-line to machine small to medium sized parts. It uses 40% less floor space than comparable conventional lathes. It machines parts with the highest precision and rigidity even when heavy-duty cutting

Maximum swing......................................................................... 7.5"  

Chuck Size................................................................................   6"
Between Centers.......................................................................  8.27"
Max. machining diameter........................................................... 7.5"
Work piece diameter.................................................................  4.0"
Max longitudinal travel.............................................................. 7.67"
Max cross travel........................................................................ 4.92"

**Brochure Specifications.. Subject to Buyer Verification.

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     Chevalier FCL 1840 Flat Bed CNC Lathe with New Centroid CNC Control

Chevalier FCL 1840 with New Centroid     $ 21,900.00 SOLD

This is a well built Chevalier CNC Lathe.  Perfect for prototyping and short run production type work.  The New Centroid Control makes this machine an outstanding value at less than half of a new machine in this similar class.   It comes with We are in the process of putting the Centroid Display where the Anilam is now.  


Max Swing over Bed 18"

Swing Over Cross Slide        10"

Centers     40"

Spindle Bore 2.25"

Spindle Nose D1-6

Rapid Traverse 280 ipm

Spindle speeds 0 - 2500

Spindle HP 7.5 HP

Approx Weight 5,000

The machine runs on 220V single or 3 phase.

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Used Hardinge HNC CNC Lathe Centroid T Series Control



This is a great little Hardinge Super Precision HNC Lathe that has been upgraded with a 2006 Centroid T Series Lathe Controller.  Check out Centroids website.  Look under the retrofits category.  These are great for secondary operations , or high production.  The machine has a built in automatic collet closer that easily interfaces to a bar feeder.  The machine comes equipped with an 8 position turret for automatic tool changes, or you can use it with a square turret making it into a gang tool.  These are sweet machines.  The full enclosure is nice to keep flood coolant off the floors.  Coolant is programmable on/off through the control.  Spindle speeds are also automatically controlled through the control.  

Centroid K 2209


The machine is a 5C Collet Machine

5hp fully programmable spindle speeds

8 Position Turret

Hardinge Tool Holders (6)

Handheld CNC Control Jog Pendant

Full Enclosure

Programming and Maintenance Manuals

Programmable Automatic Collet Closure

Programmable Automatic Flood

It can be ran as a gang tool by using a optional square turret plate

220 single or three phase


Any Questions Call Jerry  503-998-0985

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Wasino LG-60 Gang Tool 

                                              Used CNC Lathe Fanuc 3T


Nice Wasino LG-60 Gang Tool Used CNC Lathe, with New Centroid CNC            $ 16,600.00

In the process of upgrading to a New Centroid CNC Control, New 5 HP Baldor Spindle Motor

Swing Over Bed    12-5/8"

Nominal Work Size    2-3/8" X 2-3/8"

Center Height From Floor   38-3/16"

Spindle Nose     A2-4

Spindle Bore     1-9/16"

No. Of Spindle Speeds   99 Steps

Spindle Speed Range, To Be Confirmed 80 - 4000 RPM Or 120 - 6000 RPM 

Longitudinal Carriage Travel (Z)  9-7/8"

Cross Slide Travel (X)    11-13/16"

Tooling Type     Gang Tooling

Main Motor     3.7 HP (Cont.)

Height Of Machine    66"
Floor Space     63" X 55"

Net Weight, Approx.    3000 Lbs.

The machine runs on 220V 3 phase.  There are a few tool holders and it is currently equipped with a 5C 

collet chuck, does not include a 3 jaw chuck.  

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Fryer ET-18 CNC Lathe 1840 
Touch 2000 Engine Flatbed CNC Lathe Teach and Turn

Fryer ET-18 W/Touch 2000 Control 1998   Touch 2000 CNC Control  $17,900.00

Easy to used touch screen operation

Dual Hand Wheel For Easy Manual Operation

Do-One Functions For Chamfer, Radius, Threading, and Taper

Touch Prompt Machinist Language Conversational Programming

Touch Edit Fanuc G and M Code Programming

Touch CAD Easy to Use Cad/Cam Programming

Touch Verify Solid Model Graphic Verification Shows Stock Removal

Remote Service and Programming Assistance Via Built-In Modem

15” Digital Touch Screen Color Monitor

Intel Pentium Processor with 32 MB Ram         1.6 GB High Speed Hard Disk Drive


Swing Over Bed 18”      Swing Over Cross Slide 10”      Center Distance 40”

Spindle Nose D1-6       Cam lock  Spindle Bore 2.05” 

7.5 2 Speed Headstock 30-2500 RPM         Fully Programmable Constant Surface Speed

Travels: X Axis 9.5”             Z Axis 36”

Rapid Traverse 400 IPM    10 Gallon Coolant Assembly

Manual Tailstock with 8” Quill Travel      Machine Weight 5100 lbs.

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            NICE ! Condor 1640 Flat Bed CNC Lathe with New Centroid CNC


This real sweet CNC Flat Bed Lathe that is in the process of being retrofitted with a New Centroid CNC Control.  The machine came out of a trade school in mint condition.  Here's your chance to own a CNC lathe at less than half the cost of new.  We plan to put the Centroid Display where the Anilam is now.  


Swing Over Bed    16"

Swing Over Cross Slide   8"

Distance Between Centers  40"

Spindle Nose     A2-5

Spindle Bore     1-9/16"

Spindle Speed Range, To Be Confirmed 80 - 3600 RPM 

Main Motor     5 HP 

Net Weight, Approx.    4000 Lbs.

The machine runs on 220V single or 3 phase.  

** These Specifications Subject to Buyer Verification

Used Hardinge Omni Turn Gang Tool 

CNC Lathe with Omniturn CNC Control

         Used OMNITURN CNC LATHE       $13,900

This is a Used Hardinge Lathe with the Omni Turn CNC Attachment and Control. 

It is equipped with an automatic 5C Collet closer, spindle encoder for single point threading, 

programmable spindle speed.  This will make someone a great little small part machine.

General specifications:

X axis travel:

Z axis travel:

Center height:

Tooling plate:

Tooling type:


Rapid travel:

Feed rate:


Axis motors:

Axis time for 0 to 300ipm:



3/8", 1/2" or 5/8"

14" x 6"

Gang type


300 ipm

Slowest .00005"/rev, Fastest 300ipm

Finest 240/inch, Coarsest .5"/rev

Servo - Closed loop, 4000 counts per rev

.02 second



Linear ways:

Ball screws:

Base billot:

Surface finish:


Precision Linear Guides

Precision ground, Zero Backlash  

MJ7 composite

Heavy duty powder coat





110V/220V 3Phase 

Call Jerry @ 503-998-0985

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Used Hardinge Upgrade Technologies Accuslide with Fagor 8025 TG     $13,900 

This is a used Accuslide with a Fagor 8025TG Control and the external disk drive.    This machine is in very good condition and is a single owner machine.  The drive motors have been factory reconditioned, as well as the X axis ballscrew.  The machine features a 5C automatic collet closer, 5hp spindle drive and motor, spindle encoder for single point threading, and New AD spindle drive.  The X axis travel is 11.75", and the Z axis travel is 7.5".  There is no tailstock on this style of machine.  The machine was originally built by Upgrade Technologies in Southern California and all mechanical parts are supported and available.  It originally sold for $42,000.  These machines are great for prototyping short and long run production of parts under 1-1/16" (thru spindle).  I have many customers who bought these 10 years ago and are still running them everyday.  I got an incredible buy on this one and am passing on the savings to you.

Call Jerry @ 503-998-0985 for more info or to see it in person.

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American Way Gang Tool Used CNC Lathe 
with PC Based CNC Control

Used CNC GANG TOOL LATHE   $11,900.00

Made in the U.S.A. by The American Way Machine Tool Company of Grants Pass, OR.

Model #: AW-100 Turning Center

Serial #: 500L-109002

Manufacture Date: 10 / 94

Small footprint makes this machine a great addition to a shop where limited space is available.

This came from a trade school and told it was in running condition.  I have not powered it up.
The Controller is a PC Based Omni Turn Platform.

Here's Some information from THE AMERICAN WAY literature...….

The AW-100 has a TOOLING BAR and not a standard TURRET that index's. The TOOLING BAR has no index time, tool positioning is done by the lathe table and machine offsets. This makes CYCLE TIME much faster. Each TOOLING BAR has 8 positions to locate 5/8 round tools and collets. The TOOLING BAR slides on and off the (X & Z) axis table with just 5 bolts.

Easy Job Setup: Unbolt tooling bar, Slide off, Slide on next tooling bar with preset tools, Tighten down 5 bolts, Call up program (offsets are stored at the end of each program), Back up your offsets .005, Run one part, Readjust the offsets and you are back up running parts in less then 15 min (MAX), It's just that simple!

User-Friendly, THE AMERICAN WAY AW-100 has a very easy to use PC based machine controller.

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 The most important characteristic of this innovative short bar feeder is the totally mechanical movement of all devices, which guarantees total operating reliability and low maintenance requirements. Furthermore, bar diameter changing is extremely rapid, requiring just a few simple adjustments that can be performed from outside the machine. A numerical indicator displays the value for the diameter of the bar being processed.


• Bar diameter: from 5 to 80 mm

• Bar length: min. 250 mm - max. 1615 mm

• Magazine capacity: 60 bars Ø 10 mm

• Bar change time :16 sec.


• Double bar-pushing system for shortening the feeder length.

• Bar followers for shock-free bar positioning in the guide channel.

• Low-friction V-profile guides for round and hexagonal bars with quick-release fittings for replacement with square-section bars.

• Guide height can be adjusted easily according to bar diameter.

• Simultaneous adjustment of bar selection and magazine inclination according to bar diameter.

• Brushless motor and toothed belt transmission for bar feed.

• Asynchronous motor with reduction gear for remaining movements.

• Extremely handy and easy-to-program hand-held digital pushbutton pendant control.

   Fixed piece feed out

• Sub spindle mode

• Speed loading cycle:

using this function the bar change cycle takes about 4 seconds.


** This item is missing the pendant controller